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Refined Sugar Free Apple Nibblies - Single Serving, Gluten Free

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These freeze dried apple snacks are delicious!

And better yet, the only ingredient is just good old fashioned APPLES!

No sugar, no additives, just delicious healthy apples.

Perfect for those looking for a fast, healthy, on the go snack. Great for busy bees, hiking, camping, hunting, before/during/after school or work snacking. Just wait until you try them!

Also, great for adding to smoothies, yogurts, cereals, oatmeal or recipes. Enjoy out of the bag or rehydrate them with 3 parts water to every 1 part apple. 

Packaging: The Single Serving Pack is a 1oz weight of freeze dried apples contained in a air tight, sealed container with a moister absorber. These packs are re-sealable if you(or the kiddos) don't finish them all in one sitting! Actually, these are high quality bags and we recommend saving them and using them again. :)

Shelf Life: When stored in an airtight container with a moister absorber, in ideal conditions(dry & cool) this product will have a minimum of 10 year shelf life!

Ingredients: Apples

Allergen Information: This product is produced in a Gluten Free & Nut Free facility.