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Gluten Free Galaxy Vegan Hamburger Buns

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Gluten Free Galaxy Original Vegan Hamburger Buns - 6pk

GFG hand pressed buns made from our very own house milled flour blends. Each bun runs 3.5” around on average. 

This product, like all Gluten Free Galaxy products, is free from gluten, soy, corn, canola, nuts, eggs & dairy. Oh, and they're vegan too :)

They’re delicious and will take your burgers or sandwiches of any kind to the next level!

Ingredients: Millet, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Grape Seed Oil, Sorghum Flour, Cane Sugar, Flax Seed Meal, Amaranth Flour, Quinoa Flour, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Ginger