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The Tilly Trailer

Tilly Trailer Mobile Bar
Tilly has joined the Local First Idaho team & her days of hauling around ranch horses are over. She now lives the leisurely life of crashing weddings and events throughout the beautiful state of Idaho. She is a vintage horse trailer with a rustic charm and staff that will ensure you have a granny slappin’ good time! Don’t worry, no grannies will actually be slapped under our watch.
Tilly prides herself on serving local beer and wine made right here in Idaho. But if Uncle Buck wants a Coors Banquet Beer, well then by golly that’s what he’ll get. She can also serve up some mighty fine mixed spirits if you and your guests like the hard stuff. Heck, even if it’s a superbly sober party of mock tails or tea, Tilly’s it shall be!
Every member of our staff is fully insured and TIPS certified through the state of Idaho. Tilly’s ‘tenders are armed with all the accouterments essential to create a unique experience unlike any other. Yee’haw!
Tilly the Tipsy Trailer is a division of Local First.
Pony Up 
A Pony Up Bar, aka a cash bar is where your guests pony up and buy their own drinks for a set price as they would at any watering hole. Cash bars are the easiest for controlling costs as the guests will be purchasing their own drinks. 
Wet Your Whistle 
Wet Your Whistle Bar, also called a host bar, is where the host pays for all the drinks. Not surprisingly, this means people will wet their whistles. The host can purchase a set amount of beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Once we have reached that cap we can either shut ‘er down or turn to a cash bar. Host pays up front. 
Double Up 
Double Up is a combination bar, which is an open and a cash bar. Combination bars are a real fine choice for hosts that want to treat their guests, but don’t want to break the bank. There are a few different ways to handle a combination bar. We can discuss this with hosts to find the most suitable route. 
The details obtained in the contact form determine the rental price for our mobile bar. This includes number of guests, type of bar, amount of hours, etc. Please include location whether Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, or a surrounding area.
Tilly charges an up front set up fee of  $600.00. This includes five hours of service, one bartender, bio-degradable plastic cups, cocktail napkins, and ice for 100 guests.  
  • Two Bartenders are required over 100 guests 

  •  Add 1 TIPS-certified bartender, bio-degradable plastic 

  •  cups, cocktails napkins, and ice for only $50/hr 

  •  Add additional hours of service for $150/hr 

  • All events have minimum rental requirements. 

  • Please note that all credit/debit card charges are subject to a handling fee and tax. Idaho State alcohol tax of 6% to be added to all sales. 

  • Please visit our beverage pricing for more information, and contact us for a quote. All rentals include trailer bar, and 50 miles of travel. All additional miles after that are charged to the client at $.50 per mile roundtrip. 

 Local Craft—$8.00  
Canned Giggle Juice
White Claw—$6.00 
Real Fine Grape Juice
The Plains—$6.00 (ex. Bota Box) 
The Foothills—$7.00 (ex. Ste. Chapelle) 
Mountain High—$9.00 (ex. Telaya) 
Bubbly & Champers
The Plains—$5.00 (ex. Cooks) 
Mountain High—$9.00 (ex. Korbel) 
The Hard Stuff
Well $7.00
Mid-Shelf $8.00
Top-Shelf $10.00
Package One
$15 / person
Red and white house wines to be served, as well as domestic draft beer.
Package Two
$20 / person
Well liquor served with basic mixers, as well as domestic draft beer, red and white house wines. 
Package Three
$25 / person
Well and mid-shelf liquor served with basic mixers, as well as domestic and micro-brewed draft beer, red and white mid-shelf wines.
Package Four
$30 / person
Mid-shelf and top-shelf liquors served with your choice of mixers, as well as domestic and micro brewed draft beer, and upscale red and white wines.
Non-alcoholic beverages can be added for $1.75 per person